Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is ACNM Connect? 
    ACNM Connect is an ACNM member-only forum enabling members to easily interact and work effectively together.
  1. Is there a tutorial or guide on how to use ACNM Connect?
    Yes, it can be found at The guide for installing and navigating the Connect app can be found here.

  2. Can non-members participate in ACNM Connect?
    ACNM Connect is a member-only benefit. We suggest you become a member to access ACNM Connect as well as other ACNM member benefits.

  3. What is the ACNM Connect Code of Conduct?
    The principles and rules spelled out in the ACNM Connect Code of Conduct represent the road map that helps our community stay on course and maintain the values that are fundamental to the mission of ACNM. The Code sets basic requirements and behaviors for participating in ACNM’s various online forums and ensures these communities are welcoming for all members.

  4. What if I have a post related to a preceptor search?
    Posts related to your need for a preceptor are not permitted in the Town Hall. You may post in any other ACNM Connect community about your search for a preceptor. The best course of action is to contact your midwifery program director for guidance on how to find a preceptor.

  5. What If I have a Code-related question or concern?
    If you have a question or concern, you can contact the ACNM staff at

  6. How do I raise a concern about a posting?
    We all have an obligation to uphold ACNM’s ethical standards. If you observe behavior that concerns you, or that may represent a violation of our Code of Conduct, raise the issue promptly. Doing so will allow ACNM the opportunity to deal with the issue and correct it. Email your concern to

  7. Where are the ['Midwives Teaching Midwives', Clinical Management, etc.] groups?
    All public Special Interest Groups can be found under All Communities (Communities > All Communities. Under All Community Types, select Special Interest Group)

  8. How do I unsubscribe (and/or change email frequency) from a community?
    In the main menu, click on your photo icon, select PROFILE > MY ACCOUNT > COMMUNITY NOTIFICATIONS, then select how often you would like to receive emails for each community. Your options are: Daily Digest, Real Time, or No Email. You may also find visual instructions via the ACNM Connect Guide by clicking here.

  9. How do I request a new Community?
    More information on how to request a community can be found at

  10. How do I access the Town Hall?
    The Town Hall community is located under All Communities (All Communities/Types > Open Forum > Town Hall). Please note: submitted Town Hall posts are moderated and are subject to approval or rejection by ACNM.

  11. How do I get back to ACNM Connect?
    The website URL is

  12. How do I connect directly with another member?
    Connections can occur by (1) clicking on a member’s profile and selecting 'add as contact' OR (2) searching your profile directory (Profile > My Connections > Contacts > Search Directory) to find a member and then selecting 'add as contact'.

  13. I have to copy and paste my signature in every post - help!
    Please update your signature via your profile settings (Profile > My Account > Discussion Settings) to maintain your signature standard across all posts.

  14. Can I post surveys?
    ACNM does not allow solicitation of our members for non-approved surveys or research on ACNM Connect. Requests to access members via the ACNM mailing list or ACNM Connect, or to conduct surveys at the annual meeting must be sent to the ACNM national office. Information explaining this process is provided here.

  15. Can I post job opportunities on ACNM Connect?

    ACNM allows job postings, openings, and/or inquiries on ACNM Connect. Job seekers should also visit for job opportunities. Employers, make sure to post your jobs on – note that ACNM members receive discounts on select packages.

Please check back periodically for additional questions and updated information.