Getting Started Guide

Welcome to ACNM Connect. Join a vibrant online community of midwives — a place to share information, learn, collaborate, and discuss issues relating to midwifery.

ACNM Connect is an assembly of online communities designed for the purpose of digitally connecting ACNM members who share a passion for midwifery and for caring for women and individuals throughout their lifespan. It is a hub where member conversations regarding the midwifery model of care take place; best practices and news are shared; questions are asked and answered; and insights and guidance are provided. Participating in this highly-interactive peer-to-peer forum is one of the most valued benefits of ACNM membership.

To ensure the best possible experience for all members, ACNM maintains a Code of Conduct that governs behavior by forum participants and reflects the fundamental values of ACNM.  The College strives to maintain professional environments where people interact with dignity, decency, and respect – characterized by mutual trust and the absence of intimidation, oppression, and exploitation. By joining and using the ACNM Connect community, you agree that you have read and will follow the rules and guidelines contained in the Code of Conduct. You also agree to limit discussion to issues germane to midwifery.

In order to preserve an environment that encourages respectful and meaningful dialogue, ACNM reserves the right to remove content and suspend or terminate membership in this community for anyone who violates these rules. If you note something problematic in one of the communities, please advise ACNM at or via the Contact Us link on this site.

A PDF Version is available for download: ACNM_Connect_Getting_Started.pdf

Update Your Profile

After you've logged on to ACNM Connect, click on the arrow next to your profile picture or silhouette icon (located in the menu at the top right corner of your screen). A drop-down menu will appear, click on PROFILE to load your profile dashboard.

Your profile settings dashboard will load. Here, you can enter or update your demographic information, such as your discussion signature (located under the MY ACCOUNT tab).

To upload a picture, click on the ACTIONS tab below the profile picture or silhouette icon, then click CHANGE PICTURE and you will be re-routed to your AMS profile. Once your AMS profile loads, click ADD IMAGE, then click BROWSE (scroll right to see ‘Browse’ option), select your desired image and then click UPLOAD IMAGE. Once completed, you may exit from your AMS profile and return to ACNM Connect.

NOTE: Please allow at least 30 mins for system to reflect changes.


Notification Preferences

You may choose the frequency of your messages or notifications by clicking on MY
ACCOUNT > COMMUNITY NOTIFICATIONS then select how often you would like to receive emails. Your options are: Daily Digest, Real Time or No Email.

Join a Community

On the home toolbar, click on COMMUNITIES and then select ALL COMMUNITIES from the drop-down menu. As you browse, click JOIN to become a part of Communities that are available to you.

Post a New Discussion

To post a new discussion in a community you have joined, click on the name of the community, then click ADD (located to the right of “Latest Discussion Posts”). Enter the information and click SEND at the bottom of the page.

Reply to a Discussion

To reply to a discussion post, first click the desired discussion and click REPLY TO DISCUSSION within that conversation.

Attach a Document to Your Post

Whether you are posting a new discussion or replying to an existing discussion post, you have the option to add attachments. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page near your signature and click ATTACH. Once your file has been uploaded, click SEND.


Find A Member

Want to search for a fellow midwife? Locate the Membership Directory (third tab on the home toolbar), enter your search criteria and click FIND MEMBERS. The Advanced Search provides more options.


Connecting with Members

To connect and email an individual directly, click on SEND MESSAGE. If you want to manage your contact list, you also have the option to REMOVE CONTACT. You can always search them again later and add them using the same steps.



We hope this brief Getting Started Guide helps and encourages you to begin connecting with other midwives on ACNM Connect. Please reach out to us with any questions: