Request A Community

The first step to building a community on ACNM Connect is to submit a community request. Please submit the following to

  1. Community Name/Title (i.e. Quality Section)
  2. Brief description of the community
  3. Will this be a public (members only) or private (committee members) discussion group?
    • Public (Special Interest Group) – these groups are available to all ACNM members; can be moderated by an assigned member
    • Private (Committees, Divisions, Sections) – these group are available only to members of the committee, division or section; must be an ACNM member; an updated list of group members is required; changes to the group are to be communicated to Anisa Yusuf, Membership & Affiliate Specialist
Once received, we will review the information for approval within 1-3 business days, and notify you when the community is made available.